Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Proposal Presentation

Hello there...
couple months i didn't write...
what bringing me down here today is just to update this blog..
imma telling bout yesterday...
PRESENTATION for ma FYP' proposal...

me was a 2nd presenter..
for the day 1...
i'd been scheduled to present at 8.30am
just finished the proposal that morning...
havent had enough sleep..
cause i just got back the evening before that day..
from Kudat..drove all the way from-to KK..
such a tiring one..
and i was finishing the slideshow after getting back..
all night long i've stayed up..
i was like crazy..
just had an hour nap..

the presentation day..
really nervous..
but i was pretty well speaking..
somehow, it wasnt pretty good after that...
they'd questioning my title which is not my title anymore..
i'd change my title before the presentation..
but on their list it written there the other title which the one not being corrected..
the potential of geothermal sounds too big and difficult to do..
so they asked me to change it..the real is i've already changed it...
but i say nothing..just nodded my head... they ask me to change referring to the former title.. not the one i stated in the slide...
and they questioned me how to know the temperature of the hot water...
i said by using resistivity..
they reply it is used to distinguish the rock formation..not to determine the temperature..
i answered -by doing chemical analysis..
that's it...but it's better to change the title, they suggests...
in my head there's no use for arguing cause in this presentation, they trying to help and make it better..
so that we can do some improvement..
anyway i'll discuss with SV...mr Sahat..

argghh..it is boring huh..my writing...heee
see u then...some other time...