Thursday, January 20, 2011

Holding My Words

people are talking 
but i remain in silent

let the people talking
because you can never stop them
if you storm at them 
the others are rumbling as well
there will be more people talking

silence doesn't mean you've lost of words
it doesn't even mean you're unable to speak up for yourself
doesn't mean you're afraid of saying as well

in fact my mouth if full of words
just waiting for the moment to explode
but in any situation
you have to spend some time to think
what you gonna say
what would happen if you spill it out
you have to see the pros and cons
look at the goods and bads
otherwise you will fool yourself
or you may look like an idiot one day

there's a quote
'speak now or forever hold'
i choose hold
probably forever

because words are like knives and swords
that can hurt and kill
other people or yourself

the truth can kill someone's trust 
truth can hurt someones heart
i'm not a terrorist
not a killer or murderer 

so let them speak
and i remain calm and patient
because we don't know what's ahead us
i believe that all good things
will come to those who wait
patience might be bitter
but its fruit is sweet
and i believe in this